Monday, October 5, 2015

My new companion is so great!


So I'll start by telling you all a little bit about my companion, Hermana Lewis! She is So great! She finished three years at Weber State studying accounting. She also had a scholarship to play the drums there. She plays a lot of different instruments and is super talented! She didn't want to take a picture today so sorry but I don't have a picture for this email. Haha, I tried! 
She likes to speak Spanish ALL the time! Even when we are inside the house so that has been cool! She has really good Spanish for someone who is just now learning. 
Training her has been a lot of fun! This past week was really slow so we haven't had the chance to really teach anyone yet. Training is definitely helping me to be a better leader! I'm excited to help get her involved in the work as much as possible so we can be 50/50! :) 
It is already getting darker earlier here and it is just going to keep getting worse so we hope we can set lessons for the evenings so we are not walking around in the dark. 
Let me tell you about a miracle we had the other day! 
So we chose to spend our finding hour in a neighborhood close to where we live. There aren't a lot of Hispanics in that area as far as we know but it's where we thought we should go. 
There was actually one house where I knew some Hispanics lived so we started with that house. In the past they had never answered the door so we were hoping that we'd be able to talk to somebody this time. 
A boy in a high school answered the door and told us that his parents weren't home and the he didn't know when a good time would be for us to try again. He did not seem interested at all but we left him our information and then asked if he knew of any other Hispanics in the area. He told us of one house where there might be Hispanics so we went and tried it. 
And we had a miracle! A man named Kelvin from Peru answered the door and he was super nice! We had a really good conversation with him! 
The only thing is that I was kicking myself in the butt because before when we were getting supplies out of the car I had a feeling to get a family proclamation but I just brushed it off for some reason.
Then as we were talking to Kelvin he started talking about how the importance of families is getting lost in the world we live in today...Ugh! I was so mad at myself! It was the perfect opportunity to give him a copy of the family proclamation and I didn't have one because I was in a hurry and brushed off the prompting the Spirit had given me!  
If only I would stop and listen...I'm working on it though! :) 
We didn't teach Kelvin that day because his wife was a the park with their two kids but we set an appointment to come back and teach the whole family!!! :) I am so excited!!! I have high hopes for this family! :) 
Also I just loved General Conference! Every second of it! All of the talks were so inspired and I learned so much! I really like Elder Lawrence's talk and he is the general authority that will be visiting our mission this month! I'm super excited for that! :) 
I am also accepting the challenge to "ponderize" a scripture each week! I'm starting this week with Doctrine and Covenants section 50:40-42. It reads, 

 "Behold, ye are little children and ye cannot bear all things now; ye must grow in grace and in the knowledge of the truth.
 Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world, and you are of them that my Father hath given me;
 And none of them that my Father hath given me shall be lost."

Isn't that beautiful! :) 

Well I love you all and thanks for the Birthday wishes! 

Hermana Soliz

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