Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 51

Just like always so many things happened this past week!
We had another lesson with Danny and he ended up playing his guitar for was a little strange.
We met someone new to teach and his name is Luigi! He has been taught a lot in the past and has  a ton of deep questions!
We did service for Sister Algreta Swarenson who lives across from the church. She isn't a member but she loves having us come over to clean or do yard work. Then in exchange for our service she always gives us some kind of gift card to go eat or homemade jam. We just went to go eat at Applebee's and Red Robbin this past week thanks to her kindness!
We also did service at the community dinner, food bank, and we helped our investigator, Rebecca, move out.
On Wednesday we went over to Hermana Zepeda's house for language study! It was so great! I love her! I would ask her questions about grammar or my accent and as she explained the answer to me she always connected it to the gospel. She's such a great missionary!
On Friday we had interviews with President Eaton! I was so excited! I love those! There are like Christmas! I had a really good interview with President and it just made the whole day better! He told me that I will definitely be going back to Spanish full-time at the end of the transfer. That's great news but I will miss everyone I've come to know and love in the English ward. :(  It's also sad because President Eaton doesn't know yet if I'll stay here in Auburn with the Spanish branch or go somewhere else. So if I get transferred out of Zone I have to leave both the ward and branch! But it will all be okay! I will love it no matter what!
On Saturday morning Sister Walker and I found out that our investigator Duda would be getting married that same night! She's been wanting to get married for so long and finally her fiancé said they could get married that same day! It was so crazy getting everything ready on such short notice but it ended up being really cute for only having a day to plan! Sister Dahle let us use decorations she had from her wedding and we helped Sister Scalesy make the wedding cake! Several members also brought some type of dessert, punch, or veggie tray. It was great thanks to everyone pitching in and helping! Now Duda is married and she can get baptized in the near future! :)
Sunday I had to translate all of Sacrament meeting! There was a lot of English people there to see Mirella and Lesley Valle give their farewell talks so I had to translate from Spanish to English! I felt so much pressure to do good but I think it all went well! They both gave really good and heartfelt talks and testimonies. Then after they spoke their family members shared their testimonies as well. It was such a good sacrament meeting and I was almost crying listening to Mirella and Lesley talk about how excited they were to serve and how grateful they were for the gospel.
I just want to end by sharing something I heard about this past week. A lot of people say that their mission was/is the best experience of their life. Which is mostly true, especially up until that point in your life. But after serving a mission there are still great things to experience like getting sealed in the temple and starting your own family!
So in reality instead of the mission being the best experience of your life it's the best experience for your life. I can definitely understand that! You learn and grow and change so much from the experiences you have while serving a mission that I can clearly see why it would be the best experience for your life! The skills you learn on the mission and the relationships you grow with people around you and with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will shape the rest of your life!
I love you all and will keep y'all in my prayers!

Hermana Soliz
My wonderful Auburn Zone

Relief Society came through with one day notice!

We helped bake the cake

With the happy married couple

Beautiful family

Guess who got the left overs?
Auburn Sisters
Jumping for joy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 50!

Heavenly Father ALWAYS blesses us because He loves us!
Last Monday we were having an alright day but all of our plans had fallen through so we were a little sad about that. Then out of nowhere this Hispanic guy named Danny walks up to us and asks us what do we believe. Sister Walker doesn't know Spanish so I told her what he had said and then she started hitting my arm to tell him what we believed. I started talking about the restoration of the gospel and I promised him that he could know if our message was true through sincere prayer. Then he set up an appointment with us for a lesson! We were so unbelievably excited!! It's not every day that a stranger walks up to us and asks us questions to learn more. It was such a blessing! 
We ended up having a lesson with Danny at the church with a couple of other members. He loves the Bible and has a hard time understanding how the Bible and the Book of Mormon work together. Unfortunately, during the lesson it almost seemed like he wanted to bash or prove us wrong more than genuinely find out if our message is true. He did commit to read the Book of Mormon though so we hope to see some progress in the future! 
We haven't been able to meet with Omar since last Sunday so hopefully we can see him sometime this week! He couldn't come to church either because he had to work. We are praying that we can have a lesson with him this Monday though because we are going to have the chance to have a family home evening with President and Sister Eaton and we want Omar to be there! 
Our investigator Rebecca and her daughters also came to church this Sunday! They only stayed for sacrament but they came! She is the one who speaks Dinka so it's pretty hard to communicate with her. 
Another miracle we had this past week was that our investigator, Ritchey, started to read the Book of Mormon and he LOVED it!! I know that as he keeps reading he will feel the spirit testify to him that it is another testament of Jesus Christ and he will have the desire to be baptized! 
In Galatians 5:22-23, we learn that, "the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance." 
There is so much power in the Book of Mormon and anyone who reads it with an open heart and with a desire to know if it is true will feel the fruits of the Spirit.
I love reflecting on my day and recognizing the hand of God and the Spirit leading and guiding me throughout the day! These feelings of the spirit make our lives so much better! The best way to live is to have the spirit with you! There's no better way and we need to make sure we do our part to have the spirit with us. Obedience equals having the spirit with you which equals feeling the fruits of the spirit and blessings! 
Sister Walker and I are having fun here in Auburn and we are so excited to see miracles happen! 
By the way we had a fiesta for Mirella and Lesley Valle because they are both leaving on their missions within the next week! Lesley is going to Chile and Mirella is going to Peru! I am so excited for them!!! :) 

Okay, hasta luego! 

Hermana Soliz
Mirella and Lesley are going on a mission!

Farewell celebration!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Great week in Auburn...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm staying Spanglish!!