Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 46 in Auburn...

Happy Father's Day!!!

I hope all of you dads (especially mine) had a wonderful day with your families! 

So much has happened this past week!! It was awesome and full of lessons, meeting new people, getting to know the members and lots of service!!

One of the funny things that happened was that Sister Walker and I forgot that we had a dinner appointment so we ended up having two dinners one day. 
So what happened was that we had decided to go to a Mongolian grill for dinner to celebrate missionary work (just because) but then only an hour later we realized that The Sisco's wanted to feed us dinner that night. And they are investigators so we didn't want to cancel on them. After dinner with them I was so full that I didn't eat at all the next day. So bad!
The Sisco's are a young couple who have talked to the missionaries once before so they are investigators. They are super strong in their Catholic beliefs but they are so nice and respectful of our beliefs. Seriously, they are the nicest people! You could definitely feel the spirit in their home and after we had dinner with them we just couldn't stop talking about it. 
The only thing they have been taught by missionaries in the past was the apostasy....
That's not a bad thing because everybody needs to know about the apostasy but they are really faithful members of the Catholic church so Sister Walker and I decided that it would be great to teach them the plan of salvation. It's just that literally, the breaking point between Mormons and Catholics is the apostasy. 
So instead of starting with something like that which would be hard for them to accept at this time we are going to teach them about how families can be together forever! 

We also set up a family booth at the park this week with the Hermanas! It wasn't as successful as we would have hoped but it was alright! We were able to talk to some people about and Hermana Baird was able to draw a couple portraits of people. She is really good! I think we'll try doing it again in the future! 

I will also be going out with the Hermanas this Wednesday evening so I can teach in Spanish!!!! I'm so excited!! I need the practice! It's so hard to remember words and sentence structure when you aren't speaking the language all day. It will be a lot of fun!

Also, I went to choir today! It was fun and we will be singing at the devotional we will have this Sunday. 

Also Elder and Sister Nowlin will be leaving soon. :( They've finished their mission so they're going back home. They are so sweet and I love them both. Elder Nowlin was over the vehicles so he was the one who laughed at me when I told him about how I crashed into the wall. Sister Nowlin was the nurse so she also got to hear from me when I was sick. I'll miss them a lot! 

Hopefully when I'm married I'll be able to serve a mission with my husband! 

Speaking of husbands this past Sunday we learned a lot about the role of the father, priesthood, and marriage. I am so unbelievably thankful for the power of the priesthood and for temples! What a great blessing it is that we can be sealed to our families by the power of God forever!! I know that as we live the gospel and make and keep covenants
 that  we will receive every blessing that our Heavenly Father has for us! 

Love you all and have a great week! 

Hermana Soliz
Auburn Zone


Working at the park!

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