Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Guess what happened?

You will never guess what is happening this transfer! But that's okay because I'm going to tell you just like I always do!
Are you ready for this??
I'm staying in Auburn...BUT...I'm going ENGLISH speaking!!!!
I know, CRAZY! I obviously was NOT expecting it since I was called Spanish speaking and I was not warned about the change at all!
But it's okay because I know all of the decisions were made after a lot of thought and praying for revelation. God knows what He is doing!
President Eaton told me that I will only be English speaking for this transfer and that the next one I'll go right back to being an Hermana!
The reason why I'm going English speaking is because he doesn't have a lot of English sisters right now but more will be coming next transfer so he didn't want to have to close an area just to open it back up a transfer later.
So this means that Sister Walker will be my new companion. You all don't know her but she is awesome and she has this obsession/undying love for Texas!! :) And she's not even from Texas. Haha!
It should be a lot of fun! I was sad about not going to the Spanish Branch but we use the same building for church so I'll still be able to see all of the Hispanic members in the halls. It should also be easier to cover one ward instead of two stakes so that is a plus!
It will be really weird to speak in English all day though! I also realized that I don't know the first vision of Joseph Smith by memory in English. I only know it in Spanish.
Anyways, wish me luck! This next transfer is going to be full of Spanglish!
I had tons of fun with Hermana Hill this past transfer and I love her so much! We made tons of plans for this transfer of stuff to do together but that will just have to wait since we won't be companions. I love you all so much and wish you all the best! Thank you for your love and support!
Hermano Rosalio Lopez and his Ferrari ;)

La Hna Hill! Somos carnalitas!

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