Monday, May 18, 2015

Are we really grateful for what we have?

This past week Hermana Hill and I received priesthood blessings of comfort and just like always, it was so great!
Don't worry! Nothing is going on and we are both fine. We were just talking a lot about the priesthood power and both felt that we were in need of divine help from God. :)
The priesthood power is the power of God and worthy men that are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints can receive the power of the priesthood.
All of us fall short of perfection so these men are not perfect but as they strive to live the commandments of God and become more Christlike they are able to bless the lives of others with the priesthood.
I have a testimony that the priesthood power that many worthy men hold today is the same priesthood power that the ancient prophets had. It is the same power that Jesus Christ and His apostles had. It is the same priesthood power that was restored to the earth when God called Joseph Smith to be a prophet. It is the same power that the prophet we have today, President Thomas S. Monson and his leaders hold. 
What an incredible blessing it is that God allows worthy men to hold the priesthood to be able to serve others!
Asking for a priesthood blessing this past week was the first one I've asked for since I've been on my mission and I can't believe I didn't ask for one before.
I received my blessing from Elder Cabrera who is one of the elders in my district this transfer. He was pretty nervous about giving the blessing but the words that he said were inspired by the Holy Spirit and they were exactly what God wanted me to hear.
If any of you ever are in need of a blessing of healing or of comfort do not hesitate to ask for one from a righteous priesthood holder. In fact, it's a blessing for them to be able to use the priesthood so when we ask for blessings we are doing them a favor.
I know God lives and that He loves me and every single one of you!
Keep serving God with all of your hearts!


Hermana Soliz

Auburn District!!

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