Monday, April 6, 2015

Spiritually Enlightened!

Just so you know today is my 8 month mark! Time just flies by so fast it's ridiculous! Too bad they don't really give out extensions anymore. Oh well, I'll make the best use of the time I have.
Okay, so how great was General Conference??!!!
It was amazing! Every talk was so good and was divine revelation from God for us to hear.
How lucky are we that we have prophets and apostles to lead and guide us in these last days! It truly is a blessing that we should not take for granted.
Listening to General Conference on Easter was the best! The talks were filled with advice and warnings for us and the music was so beautiful and brought the Spirit. I know Consider the Lillis is your favorite mom :)
Anyways, I hope that it was just as spiritually enlightening for all of you as it was for me and that you were able to receive answers to your prayers.
I know that the leaders we have in the church are men called of God. They are worthy men with the power and authority of God. We need to seek and heed their council.
Also talking to people this Easter season and sharing the video Because He Lives video was so special! We were able to show the video to several people and each person we showed it to felt the spirit for those short two minutes.
Remember Christ every day and look for His hand in your lives. I promise you He is there.
Remember to trust in God and never stop trying. If you are not moving forward then essentially you are moving backwards. Press forward with faith and share the good news of the gospel!
The teachings of Jesus Christ is really the only thing that will ever bring us everlasting happiness!! :)
Also I encourage you all to pay attention to the feelings of the Spirit. The feeling of the Spirit will give you answers, confirm your beliefs, and warn you when needed.
I had an experience this past week where the spirit was warning me to not knock a certain door. The warning was so small though that I didn't pay attention to it. I knocked the door even though I felt like I shouldn't and then I knocked it a second time.
I then told Hermana Singer that I didn't know why but the Spirit really did not want us to be there at that time. She told me that she was feeling the exact same way but was just pushing off the feeling like I was. We left as prompted.
I'm not sure why we weren't supposed to be there but this experience reminded me that we have to be spiritually paying attention all the time.

Les Quiero!
Hermana Soliz

Me and Hna Williams on her last P-day in Auburn. We had a good-bye lunch.

Sisters in our Auburn Zone.  We were fed lunch by the Stake President that day.

Our Revelation Station!!

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