Monday, April 20, 2015

Update from Auburn....

Hay mucho trabajo aqui en Auburn y Puyallup y estamos emocianados para ver todos los milagros que vamos a tener esta traslado! :)
Hermana Hill es la mejor!

So Hermana Hill and I have only been companions for about a week but I know that we are going to see miracles together this transfer! :)

We have already talked to so many different people that I know we are bound to find someone to share our message with!

We were trying really hard to receive referrals with no luck but yesterday we received one!! :)
Also yesterday we contacted this man named Daniel who was riding a horse. Go figure. It was my first contact with someone on a horse.

We had taken a wrong turn and we saw him riding his horse down the street and we were so excited that there was a horse but then we passed him and realized that he was Latino so we turned around and talked to him!

We also found this trailer park that we had no idea existed and there is a lot of Spanish speaking people that live there so there is definitely potential to find new people to share the gospel with!

I've been working on sharing a scripture from the Book of Mormon anytime I talk to someone ans two of my favorite experiences from this past week while doing that were with Cameron and Steven.

With Cameron the conversation started out by me asking how long it took him to grow out his hair which was a little shorter than mine. It was just the first thing that popped into my head and then all of a sudden it came out of my mouth. I probably could've thought of something better but oh well. It turned into a really cool conversation and I was able to talk about faith and testify that God lives. I was also able to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon with him and he accepted one! I also left him Alma 32 to read and he said he would actually read it for real! :)

When we found Steven it was totally because of divine intervention from God. We were looking for a certain apartment that seemed to be nonexistent so we decided to get out and and contact people in the area. That's when we found Steven outside smoking. He was actually taught a lot of the lessons in the past by the Elders but because of one reason or another had stopped learning. He said that he had been praying to God for answers to know what to do. I shared one of my favorite scriptures with Him, Ether 12:27, and testified that I knew it wasn't a coincidence that we where there that day to talk to him and that running into us was part of his answer from God.

I know that just like in these two experiences God's hand is in everything! His plan is perfect and we need to trust in that. God knows each and every one of us and what we are going through. He knows how to comfort us.

I had the opportunity to see very clearly this past week the difference between what happens when we keep trying our hardest to keep the commandments of God and when we give up because of our own desires to have things be easier or to do what we want before the things of God.

I testify that things without our Heavenly Father are NEVER easier and we are definitely NOT happier! Do not fall into Satan's trap and settle for less than what you deserve! Fighting for  the right to live with God again is worth so much worth than the temporal things that will only last for this lifetime.

I love you all and you are in my prayers!

Love Hermana Soliz

Me with my new companion, Hna Hill!

Holding Ashleigh's duck :)

Mulu is from Ethiopia, hardly knows English. We work together at food bank.
Last time Hna Singer and I were together before transfers, will miss her.

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