Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 75!

S.R. was baptized!!! :)
S is O and J  R's nine year old daughter. Hermana Lewis and I were teaching S before but then the R family moved from the Spanish branch to an English ward that is closer to their home. And last night S was baptized but her dad! :) It was so special! I remember when I first got to the area we were visiting Hermano R because we were trying to get him to return to activity in the church and now he was able to baptize S! And pretty soon their other daughter D will be turning 8 and she wants to be baptized as well! :) 
D was also at the baptism. She's married to O. R's brother. We haven't been teaching her for a while but she's come to church recently and she was at the baptism! I love her so much! 
The baptism was a perfect ending to the week!
We also went on exchanges this past week and I got to stay here in Auburn this time. Hermana Lewis went to Enumclaw with Hermana Singer and Hermana Mickelson came to Auburn with me. It was a really great exchange! Hermana Mickelson and I found out that we are a lot alike. :) We both like/dislike a lot of the same things and like the same activities. She is from Oklahoma and is going on 4 weeks being in the mission field. 
While we were together on exchange we were able to teach two lessons with a member present and another lesson with a new family! :) We found the new family while knocking doors and the mom's name is M and the daughter's name is E. We were walking and all of a sudden I stopped and asked Hermana Mickelson to either pick the orange or white trailer. She chose the white one and after knocking the door M answered and let us right in! She was even sick but still let us in to hear a message. We didn't get to teach everything but we had a nice visit and we set up a return appointment with her. :) 
We also found some members in that same trailer park who moved here about two months ago. Right now they are still going to their old Spanish branch but they want to start attending our branch soon because it is closer. It was funny because we saw the dad, A, outside and we were planning on talking to him about the Restoration when he told us that he was already a member. They are super nice and I hope they start coming to the branch soon! They also have a teenage daughter and a teenage son so they will help our youth group grow! :) 
We also had a super good breakfast with Hermana S :) I love that woman so much! 
And we were able to finally see Hermano L which was such a blessing! We were at Fred Meyer getting something to eat and Hermano L was there too! He said that he saw my long curly hair and thought it was me and then he saw Hermana Lewis walk around the corner and then knew for sure that it was us! It was such a blessing because we had plans to see him that night but we weren't exactly sure how we were going to be able to contact him. We really needed to visit him and God made it happen. :) At the end of our visit he was reminding me that I didn't have much time left on my mission so he told Hermana Lewis to put butter on my feet while I was sleeping that way I would be slipping everywhere and wouldn't be able to leave. Hahaha! He's funny! 
Something I was really grateful for this past week was all of the members here in Auburn. They do so much to support us. :)  I was also grateful for the opportunity that I had to translate part of sacrament meeting. It's been a while since I've done that. I am also grateful for Hermana Lewis! She is such a great companion and I'm excited to see how the rest of her mission will go! 
Les amo mucho y que Dios les bendigas! 

Hermana Soliz

On exchanges with Hermana Mikelson

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