Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 70...Blessed week!

Something that God helped me remember this week is that there is no need to worry. All we have to do is trust in Him. He will never leave us alone, even in our trials so we just need to trust in Him and keep moving forward.

Hermana Lewis and I received so many blessings this week and I am always so grateful for the guidance He gives us! I love sharing the gospel with my brothers and sisters! It makes me so happy and it helps me grow closer to my Heavenly Father.

There are great things happening here in Auburn!! We were able to see a lot of people that we haven't seen for awhile and we received a lot of new referrals so I'm excited to visit them! 
So last Sunday Hno. A went to church and made a joke about cinnamon rolls and well long story short I made him homemade cinnamon rolls. He was so surprised and we got to set up another appointment with him which we ended up having at a restaurant. It went well besides the fact that I indirectly gave him a death threat. We were talking about enduring to the end and I said "You could die tomorrow!" Hermana Lewis thought it was hilarious! But he came to sacrament meeting on Sunday! It was the best! Hermana Lewis and I were so happy that he went! 

It was also testimony meeting so he heard a lot of strong testimonies that I know strengthened his own. One of the members who shared their testimony was M. Valle. She was serving in Peru for four months and she just got home this week because she is sick. She is hoping to get better and as long as the doctors say it's okay she plans on going back out into the field. M used to be very quiet. Kind of like me. Haha! And it is amazing to see the change in her just after four months! She bore a strong testimony that brought the spirit and I am so excited to have her here to help us! 

I learned something from everyone who shared their testimonies on Sunday and I am very grateful for that! I love that in the branch  we are all like family and we try to serve and support each other. I also learned a lot from other people that we are teaching. Some of our investigators are going through some really big, hard trials and they are facing them with so much faith and hope. One of them just found out that she has leukemia and that it's spreading fast. When we visited her she talked all about the miracles and blessings God has given her and the she knows He can make another miracle happen for her. She is facing this trial that would tear a lot of people down with so much faith and grace. I definitely admire that! 

Also, miracle of the week! We finally had contact with Hermano Hernandez! :) So I had been praying that one day we would go by his house  and find him getting out of his car so that we could talk to him. Calling and knocking on his door was not working so that's why I was praying for that. Also, on the day we talked to him Hermana Z had gone to the temple and had been praying for him as well. 

So we go to try to see him and we see that the tail lights on his car are on! He's in the car! But we weren't fast enough at parking and getting out of the car so he drove off. I can not tell you how bad I felt. I was thinking, "Seriously, I prayed for this to happen and I missed my chance!" I was so sad! But I told Hermana Lewis that usually if Hermano leaves he just goes to the store real quick and comes back. So we decided to wait and ten minutes later he was back! I got out of the car and started walking across the parking lot to his car and when he saw us he looked surprised but happy! He's been having some personal problems that he's trying to fix and he's basically shut everyone out for now so it was so great to talk to him! We were so happy that we just stood there with these gigantic smiles on our faces for awhile. And it turns out he got the donuts we left him and he liked them! He told us not to worry about him and that he loves the church but just needed a break to resolve some personal things. Then he said that if it wasn't us that other hermanas would be visiting him soon. That's when I pulled the, "I'm going home in two months" so then he told us to go back in a month. So that's the plan! :)

We also had our branch Christmas party and it was a lot of fun! We changed things up a bit and had Italian food instead of the traditional Mexican food. After we had a little Christmas program for the audience so Hermana Lewis and I were able to participate in that :) 

If you haven't seen the new 2 minute Christmas video you should all check it out at

Les quiero y que tengan un buena semana! 
La Hermana Soliz
In the choir for our Branch Christmas Party

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