Sunday, December 20, 2015

Another transfer...and last one, gone!......

I have big news!!!!
I'm staying and finishing out my mission here in Auburn! :) This is my 8th transfer here! At the end of my mission I will have served here for about 11 months! :) I'm so glad that I get to stay here! It would've been so sad to leave all of these people that I love right before Christmas! 
Hermana Lewis is also staying here so I get to be her companion for the rest of my mission! 
The Hernandez family that we are teaching are so sweet!! They signed up on our dinner calendar to feed us and the elders so this past week they fed us all dinner! It was so nice of them to do and they aren't even members! Also, this Sunday not only did Rojelio and Lourdes come to church like they've been doing for quite a few weeks but so did Cecilia! Cecilia hadn't liked going to the youth classes because they were in English so she came and just went to the adult classes in Spanish with us and her parents! :) It was such a blessing! 
We had exchanges again so I got to visit my lovely home of Enumclaw, WA! :) It made me so happy!! :) Right when I got there Hermana Singer told me that she wanted to stop by Juan and Rosa's house to follow up with them on their missionary work. I was so excited!!!! Juan opened the door and at first he was just looking at Hermana Singer but then he looked at me and he was so surprised to see me. Haha! He went and got Rosa and then she came out and we hugged like five times! I love that family so much!!! Rosa asked my when I was finishing my mission and then I told her that I was planning on visiting in March. That's when she told me that they might get  sealed in March!!! :) I was so happy!!!!!! I hope I can be there at the temple with them on that special day! 
Then after that Grandpa Blad stopped by our apartment to see me and give me a special gift! It was a Christmas card, some candy canes, a Seattle temple key chain, and some of his smoked salmon that he knows I love! :) It was so sweet! 
I also heard that the Ayala family that was baptized in Renton might be moving to Auburn soon. I hope that it's true because I would love to see them! They will hit their year mark on the 28th of February so they will be getting sealed soon as well! :) I need to write them ans see how they are doing! 
On Saturday Hermana Perez's daughter, Addie, was baptized. We invited Hermano Arvayo to go and he went so that was awesome! It was such a nice baptism and even though I don't remember very much from my baptism it reminded me of my own. After the baptism we all went over to Hermano Lara's house to eat pasole. That was good because all of the members got to spend time together and chat. 
Yesterday we had a miracle as we used the area book. We chose a potential from a few years  back to try to visit and she didn't live there anymore but we knocked the doors of her neighbors and found two Hispanics! It was such a blessing! We have a set appointment with one and the other family said just to stop by when we were in the area. 
We also had a new family move into the branch! They are the Chavez and they are so cute! They have two cute little girls and Hermana Lewis and I are planning on visiting them soon so we can get to know them better! 
Ponderizing scripture for this week, 3 Nephi 27:20 - " Now this is the commandment: Repent, all ye ends of the earth, and come unto me and be baptized in my name, that ye may be sanctified by the reception of the Holy Ghost, that ye may stand spotless before me at the last day."
I know that as we go to church each Sunday and truly repent and partake of the bread and water we can be made clean and be spotless like the scripture says. So I invite you all to go to church this Sunday and to feel of the spirit there. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth and that as we make an effort to truly live the gospel will receive the greatest gift God has to offer, which is eternal life.

Saludos con amor
Hermana Soliz

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