Monday, September 14, 2015

I love Auburn!

I just absolutely love serving my mission here in Auburn! I love the members and I love our investigators! We have amazing leaders and everyone is so excited about missionary work! There are also a lot of Hispanics in this area so we get to talk to them a lot! I just love them all so much! They're like family! :)
Hermana Baird, Hermana Edmunds, and I are all getting along great! Hermana Edmunds has a talent for cracking jokes! She is always cracking us up! She also can quote movies really well and every classic episode of Spongebob. 
One day Hermana Edmunds was looking at my charm bracelet and she said, "Why does this say velo?" & then Hermana Baird told her that it said love. You had to be there but it was so funny! So things are great with them and I love them both! We all have different strengths so we work well together! 
I have no idea what will happen with transfers in two weeks. I really hope that I get to stay here in Auburn! I wouldn't mind just finishing my mission here! 
We had Zone Training this past week and I really liked being able to review the Doctrine of Christ and what we need to do to keep the faith and endure to the end. 
One of the questions the zone leaders asked us was about how we could apply everything that we are learning here to situations we will have at home. I answered the question by saying that we should continue to have faith in and trust God and involve Him in everything. We should pray about all of our decisions. For example, where to go to school, what to study, who to marry. etc. 
And well, when I mentioned the example of who to marry it got a little quiet in the room...I was like okay everyone calm down. It's not like you all weren't thinking it! Haha! And besides it's true, you should pray for guidance in all things.
This past week we overbooked appointments so we went on our first split as a trio. Herman Baird and Hermana Edmunds went together to do visits and then I went with Hermana Zepeda and Hermano Moreno to teach people.
 Sadly, our appointments fell through but I was still able to teach a former investigator with Hermana Zepeda and Hermano Moreno. Everything always goes so much better when we have members with us! I'm so grateful for their willingness to help us! 
Saturday there was a big Stake service project but we were separated into our wards and branches. The Spanish Branch was in charge of cleaning up trash along a trail by the railroad tracks. It was a lot of fun to work together with the branch! Then that same night we had a fiesta!
It was a lot of fun! It was a cultural party so there was food from several different countries and it was all good! We had ten people who aren't members of the church at the party so that was good! We were hoping for more but ten is better than none. Everyone had a really good time! It was a success!
Also the biggest news is that Daniela is reading the Book of Mormon and she has lots of questions for us! :) At the fiesta she asked me how long I had left on my mission and after I answered her she made a comment about hoping that I would be here for her baptism! :) I love Daniela so much! She is basically already a member. She just needs a little more time to grow and she will be ready to get baptized! :) 
Love you all! Keep praying for help to overcome your shortcomings and I know you'll see the hand of God in your life! 

Hermana Soliz

A random statue of the Pope we saw...I don't know why it's there of all places.

Flowers for us from Hermano Simon

Zone Conference-Hnas Baird, Soliz, and Edmunds on the left
Service Project with the Branch, worked hard and had fun!

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