Thursday, November 20, 2014

Family of 3 baptized!!

This is so crazy! I never know where to begin with my emails because so much happens in the week! Haha and we always have plenty of miracles! :)

So this past Saturday Juan, Rosa, and Bryan were baptized!!! It was a beautiful service and the spirit that was felt there was really strong! I felt so honored to have the opportunity to be there with them as they took this step. I can't even describe the feeling of happiness in words...the closest comparison I can even think of is maybe how a mom feels proud to see her kids do the right thing.

After the baptisms Hermana Mitchell and I gave a short lesson of the restoration and showed the first vision. I was so nervous to speak in Spanish in front of so many people but with the help of God I did it and it felt so good! :) We then continued with the rest of the service which was beautiful. They were also able to have Hermana Wright on Skype and she talked to Juan, Rosa, and Bryan and bore her testimony. Hermana Wright is the one who found their family a year ago so it was really special that they were able to hear from her.

Seeing Juan, Rosa, and Bryan get baptized made me so unbelievably happy! I am so excited to work hard to try to have others come unto Christ through being baptized into this restored gospel of Jesus Christ! It is just an incredible feeling to see these people get baptized! There is nothing better!

On Sunday they were all confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Juan and Bryan also had their interviews to receive the Priesthood and they are so unbelievably ready for that. The gospel has really changed their lives so much. They all just glow with the light of Christ!

Being a missionary is great! Oh, also since you asked for a rundown of our schedule it usually goes something like this:
We wake up at 6:15 and work out at the gym at the church.
At 7:00 we get ready and have breakfast
At 8:00 we have personal study, companionship study, training, and language study all for an hour each. By the way at the the end of this transfer I will be done with training!
Then we have lunch for an hour and go out proselyting! We go to our appointments and try to find new investigators.
Every Tuesday morning we have a District Meeting. Every Tuesday night we have a Coordination meeting. Some Thursday nights we have a meeting with Spanish Group members and we go out proselyting. Every other Sunday we have a Ward Council Meeting. We also have either a Zone meeting or a Zone Conference every transfer. As well they have started having a Spanish Fireside every month that all of the missionaries go to with members and investigators.

We stay busy for sure! There is always something to do or prepare for! Haha!

Oh and a funny thing happened yesterday. So we had dinner at the Blad's home and it was really good! After dinner though I was full. I really didn't need the second piece of meatloaf but Bro. Blad insisted so I had it.

After dinner there we went to go try to teach Joel and Lucila who are some of our investigators. They had some family over but they still let us in. It turns out they were just about to have dinner so without even asking they just put hot chocolate in front of us and gave us tamales. So I drank the hot chocolate and ate a tamale. It was good but I just was not hungry. Joel tried to get me to eat more but I just couldn't do it. Lol!

Then after that we went to Juan and Rosa's to get their information for the paperwork for their baptisms. So we're there in the living room working on the papers with Juan and Rosa brings out two big glasses of this sweet milk with white rice in it. I don't know what you would call it...but anyways, so then I had to eat that. It's just so hard to say no, especially when they just put it in front of you. Lol!

Anyways, I'm not starving! Haha!

Love you!

Hermana Soliz

View from my apartment! Mt Rainier
Juan, Rosa, and Bryan
Javier Garcia, Juan, Bryan, Rosa, Bro Blad, and Bro Jepson
Hermana Soliz and Hermana Mitchell with Bryan, Juan, and Rosa

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