Monday, October 6, 2014

Sending my love from Enumclaw!

I love missionary work! It's hard but I love it!
So I realized I haven't told you much about my companion besides the fact that she is amazing and wonderful! Haha! Anyways Hermana Mitchell and I are one month apart. She turned 21 the week I arrived in the field. She loves sports and she is obsessed with cereal. Seriously, she loves cereal and is always trying different kinds. She is from Oregon but her family moved to St. George, UT. She also went to BYU for a year before coming on a mission. She will be finishing her mission and going home on December 8th, so she's almost done. She's an awesome trainer!
This past week flew by! Some of the days were long but now that it's another Monday I feel like it went by so fast!
Every other Monday the Spanish Group has Family Home Evening all together at the church. We had one this past Monday and it was awesome! Five of our investigators ended up going which made me and Hermana Mitchell very happy!! The investigators that went were Juan and Rosa and their son Bryan who is 14 years old. Also David and Yesmin went.
We ended up watching the video they showed at the General Relief Society Broadcast about temples. They also talked about an upcoming temple trip for the Spanish Group to go to. Rosa really liked it and said she wants to go to the temple!!! That's so great! We need her to get baptized first but that is awesome that she has the desire!
After that we all played volleyball which was fun! Sister Ramos also made chicken enchiladas and dessert for everyone to eat. She loves cooking, especially for the members!
Also this pasty Tuesday we had a special training with President Eaton where we discussed Effective Scripture Study Skills. We also had the opportunity to watch the movie coming out called Meet the Mormons. It was really great and guess what?! It comes out October 10th!! That's my birthday in case you forgot! LOL! So for my birthday present you should all go watch the movie! It really is great and it would be good for all of you to see!
Also I saw Elder Brown there! I walked in and out of the corner of my eye I saw an Elder waving and I looked and it was him. I was surprised because I wasn't expecting to see him but it was good to see a familiar face when I'm so far from home. He told me he has been out for 10 months and is doing good.
And of course, General Conference! Wasn't that just amazing!! I loved every second of it! And it went by way too fast! They should make them longer ;) I loved all of the talks and Eduardo Gavarrett actually spoke to us in the Mexico MTC so it was cool to hear from him again. I'm trying to think of a couple of my favorite talks but they were all just so good!
Also, I received my birthday package mom! Thanks so much! I haven't opened it yet because I'm practicing my patience and waiting until my actual birthday. Can you believe I'm turning 21? Gosh...I'm getting old. Haha!
Te amo much! Hasta luego!
Hermana Soliz

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