Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 2 in Enumclaw

Hello everyone!!!
So I am loving my time here in Enumclaw! There is a good chance I'll be here for at least 3 transfers but I am hoping for more!
My Spanish is very simple and I can't say much but out investigators are nice about it. We were teaching a lesson to a part-member family the other day and the father was really nice to me. He's an inactive member and he told me that their home was my home and I could feel comfortable to practice my Spanish there.
Also one of the Sisters in the English 3rd Ward made me a necklace and matching earrings. It was really nice of her to do!
There was some rough spots this past week but a lot of miracles also happened. My favorite miracle of the week was that SEVEN of our investigators went to church this past Sunday. Not one or a couple but SEVEN!!! Hermana Mitchell and I were just so ecstatic! I'm a new missionary but according to Hermana Mitchell that never happens!
Everyone in the Spanish Group was so happy that we all took a picture together! Oh, and Mom, I keep calling it the Spanish Group because we are technically not a Branch yet. So yeah, they call it a group so that's what I call it.
This past week I also went on my first exchange to Renton. I had the opportunity to teach with Hermana Webb and also Hermana Clark, who is one of the Sister Training Leaders.
I keep learning more about the gospel everyday and I am loving every second of it!
We had some great lessons about the tree of life this past week and I learned some new things I hadn't thought of before!
Also all of the members in the group are so strong!! They are always  so willing to help out and the do a lot to try to help the investigators.
One of the families in the group is the Garcia family. Their son Javier just came home from his mission. He came home a couple months early because he has cancer and he needed to come home for treatment. He gave a talk last Sunday and this past Sunday he bore his testimony. His faith is literally unwavering! It is admirable how much faith he has. I don't know very many people who would refer to cancer as "this little sickness," but that is exactly what he called it. He is so humble and trusts in God so much. He knows everything is going to work out and it's great to see someone be so strong during such a difficult time. So I know they say not to ask people back home to pray but if you could include Javier and his family in your prayers that would be awesome!
Also I read something this past week that I really liked. I don't remember what it was called or who said it but the main thing it said was, "You don't know what you have."
 It was a convert saying that she didn't really think members, who have grown up in the gospel, really knew what they had. In other words. many of us take it for granted.
Please try to think of a way that you can strengthen your testimony and then do whatever that is. Whether it be to pray or to read the scriptures more or to go to church. Do something and really ponder on and use the atonement in your lives.
I love you all and always pray for you! I hope you're being blessed!
Love, Hermana Soliz
On exchanges with Hermana Clark

Loving it in Enumclaw!

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