Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last week in the CCM!

Tell Brooklynn I said good luck at school and I hope she really enjoys the experience! I'm glad to hear that you are all doing good and I love you!
Today was my last P-Day here in the CCM and we spent the morning at the Mexico City Visiting Center at the temple. The temple is being remodeled so we couldn't do a session but the Visiting Center was still amazing and great! I also got some cases from the store for my Spanish scriptures and a pretty Mexican shirt. Lol
I feel like there is so much I could tell you all! Goodness...where to start?
Well yesterday Hermana Bown and I taught our investigator Jacobo, which is really Elder Dahl. Anyways, in this lesson I really felt like I was teaching Jacobo instead of Elder Dahl which was really cool. Also Hermana Bown and I didn't really have a set lesson for this appointment with Jacobo so we were just going to ask him if he had any questions about The Restoration pamphlet we had him read and see where that led. Well boy was I in for a surprise! 
So we start teaching and everything is going great! And I am speaking the most Spanish (Spanglish) that I ever have in a lesson. We answered his questions and all of a sudden I was prompted to talk about baptism and invite him to be baptized. I was a little hesitant for like a split second if I should really lead the conversation to that or not since it wasn't part of the plan but then I just went for it. Then as I was teaching him about baptism I just started choking up and I had to pause before continuing. Tears were literally streaming down my face! I don't really know how to describe it but it was an amazing feeling! The spirit just hit me so hard! I had all of these feelings of love for my future investigators and I knew that inviting others to be baptized was part of the reason I'm on a mission. Which I knew before of course, but it just hit me in a different way this time. I also had a feeling of reassurance that I can, indeed, do this. Even if my Spanish is really, really bad...I can still do this. So just remember, as long as you have the spirit with you, you can do amazing things! 
Also my companion and I went to meet the new district this past week and they are awesome! We especially wanted to meet the Hermanas since we're the Sister Training Leaders and guess what? One of the Hermanas was Hermana Capps. Which is Kiara's boyfriend, Zach's, sister. Ya. Such a small world. 
We also had some amazing devotionals on Sunday that were just really spiritual! One of the videos we watched was called Only a Stone Cutter and I just love that video! His faith and perseverance is admirable and inspiring! 
Also my roommate was playing this song the other day and it's called Emma from the album Joseph: A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet. Basically it's my new favorite song. It's really beautiful! 
This past Sunday was also Fast Sunday and it was really cool to know that everyone in the CCM was fasting. I also counted how many times "Yo sé" was said in testimony meeting and it was 106 times. 
A district we all really loved left from our Zone this past week so we all miss them. It's sad to think I only have six days left with my zone and especially with my district. I just love them all so much and they are going to be awesome missionaries!
I love you all and keep praying and striving to be more like Christ! Next time you hear from me I'll be in Washington!


Hermana Soliz
On the bus, going to the temple!

I'm so excited, at the temple's visitors center

I love the Christus!

Our transportation
The temple is so beautiful!
Our Zone
Hermana Bown and me!

My District - will miss them very much.

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