Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I get to stay in Enumclaw for another transfer!

So a funny thing happened last week that I forgot to tell you. Our investigator, Juan, gave the closing prayer in sacrament last week...Haha! But he's an investigator! Hermana Mitchell and I were like, "Is that allowed??" Haha!
By the way Juan, Rosa, and Bryan have all officially set their baptismal date for November 15th!!!! I am so excited for them! It's going to be great!
Oh and just a side note...During our weekly planning Hermana Mitchell and I could not focus because there was two wasps in our apartment. We would try to focus on our investigators and discuss how to help them but then we would hear them flying and freak out! Seriously, it was hilarious because we were trying to be brave and get them out of the apartment but we always ended up screaming and running like little girls. Haha! But today a sweet old man killed them for us so they're finally gone!

So there is this couple, the Corbits, and they are in one of the English wards and they are just great! We go over to their house every  other week to get free bread that the grocery store is getting rid of and then we give a lot of it to our members or investigators.
We went over the other day to pick some bread up and we were able to eat dinner with them and chat for a little bit. Sister Corbit has MS so physically she can't really do much at all. She is super talented though! Her house is full of paintings that she did herself and they are all beautiful and have really cool and personal meanings behind them. One of them is of the Mona Lisa and I think it is just as good, if not better. She also used to be a really well known ASL interpreter among the deaf community. It's sad though because with her MS she's not able to paint or use ASL anymore.
Her husband, Brother Corbit, is a very sweet and funny man. During dinner he had to feed Sister Corbit her spaghetti and then he would put a piece of garlic bread in her hand and she would slowly get it to her mouth. It just melted my heart to see the love and care in their relationship! They are a great couple!

Also this week I bore my testimony in a lesson we had with Adan and Felecitas and it felt really good! My grammar was horrible and my Spanish was simple but it felt so good to try to speak my mission language and to feel the Spirit. I seriously love feeling the spirit. It's the best thing in the entire world. I wish I could feel it strong, like in that lesson, all the time.

This past week we also planned to have a dinner and a lesson with the Valera's at the Ramos's home but the Valera's couldn't make it anymore so it just ended up being us. Even though we didn't have a lesson we still shared a scripture which was D&C 68:6. We had a really great spiritual discussion and it was really nice!
I just love all of our investigators so much and I want them to be able to enjoy the blessings of the gospel!! I am so glad I am here for the next transfer to continue to work with them! It is going to be so sad when I am transferred to a new area.
One thing I learned more about this week was that all of our trials, tests, and just plain old bad things that happen to us that are out of our control are all for OUR good. They are all for our good and they are to strengthen us and help shape us into the valiant disciples of Christ that God wants us to be!
I love you all with all of my heart and miss you!
Hermana Soliz

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