Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Renton - Week 28!

This past week went by SUPER fast! At least it did for me.

We had a noche de hogar with two member families, the Ceballo's and the Tori's, and our investigators, the Ayala family. It went really well and the Ayala's are doing great! We did find out that they had both drank coffee but we cleared everything up and they're still on date for baptism on February 28th.
Apparently they were a little confused because they thought that they could drink coffee as long as it wasn't an addiction for them. So yeah, that was just our bad because I guess we didn't explain it clearly enough. But as soon as they knew they couldn't ever drink it Maria went into the kitchen, grabbed the coffee, and handed it to me to take it away. They are such an awesome family! Also the members who introduced them to the church gave them a picture of the Salt Lake Temple which they have in their living room. Audon was showing it to us and he told us that one day he's going to go there and go inside. It melted my heart! They all want to got to the temple to be sealed!
They are all also super excited for family history work! We taught them that yesterday and helped them set up accounts and get started. It really touched Audon because just a few days ago his father, Emilio Ayala, passed away. Audon is so excited to one day go to the temple and do the work for his father! He also said that he feels sorry for his brothers and sisters because he feels like they are more sad about their father passing away because they don't have the knowledge of the gospel in their lives. How amazing is that! They are so prepared! He then gave us his siblings information so we can send in a referral to have missionaries visit his family in Honduras. I just love this family so much!!
We also had an amazing zone conference this past Friday and it was amazing! I got so much out of it and I believe  it;s because I prepared and went with questions in mind and I expected to receive answers. Seriously, I wish I could've recorded that meeting because it was so spiritually edifying! I learned so much! The topic was the spirit and President Eaton talked about Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk entitled, The Divine Companionship. He also gave us an assignment to read Elder David A. Bednar's talk, Pray Always. Both talks were so great!
I love having the opportunity to learn and grow! I hope I don't ever find myself taking this time for granted.

1 Nephi 16:18-23
This is something President Eaton brought up in Zone Conference that a young man in one of his institute classes shared with him.
So in these verses Nephi breaks his steel bow and needs to make a new one so he makes a new bow and arrow out of wood. Did you catch that? He makes a new bow AND arrow. He only broke his bow though so why make a new arrow? The young man who shared this with President Eaton knew about archery and said that Nephi had to make a new bow and arrow because a steel arrow would not have worked with a wooden bow.
This made me think of how sometimes things outside of our control happen and God wants us to do the work to fix whatever it is. It also made me think of how we need to prepare properly first and then we will receive God's help. Nephi did his part by making the right tools and God blessed him that he was able to find food.
This made me think..."Am I making my bow and arrow out of wood or am I just doing part of it and expecting God to work His magic and do the rest?"
I had never thought of this and thought it was a pretty good insight I learned.

Hasta la proxima semana, Con mucho amor!

Hermana Soliz

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