Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hola from Mexico!

Ok...can I just say WOW!! I cannot believe the time has gone by so fast! Tomorrow will already be a week that I have been here in the Mexico MTC. Im going to do my best to answer all of your questions and tell you about my week but there is just so much to say and not a lot of time. So first off, here in the MTC my P-Days are on Tuesdays so thats when you can expect an email from me. Ok so the  girl I met on the plane here is Hermana Webb and she is also going to Federal Way but she is not my companion here. My companion is Hermana Bown and she is so awesome!She also knows a lot more spanish than I do so she helps me out all the time! I am loving it here in the MTC! Things are super busy! They have every minute of our day planned out from 630 am to 1030 pm. But it is super great and I am constantly being uplifted by the spirit.
Hermana Bown and I share a room with Hermana Daines and Hermana Macllellan and they are also great! I absolutely love my District!! They are so amazing! Our District Leader is  Elder Dahl and the other people in my District are Elder Johanson, Elder Gonzales, Elder Wilkerson, Elder Macdonald, Elder Black, Elder Knight, Elder Wasden, and of course me and Hermana Bown. 
Oh! And I was put into the INTERMEDIATE spanish class.....I know...I need to be in the beginning, but hey it will all work out. The other day I played beach volleyball with my district and another district and it was muy bien. We also went on a jog around the MTC this morning as a district which was refreshing. Its funny when we are in class studying and the guys get distracted talking about Pokemon or other nerdy things. 
The weather here is pretty rainy and it can be chilly but it hasnt been too bad. The food is pretty good most of the time but it can also be extremely weird. And they always put some kind of fruit in their salad. Our first day here we were told that the milk was goat milk because there wasnt enough cows in Mexico. Apparently its a joke they play on newbies. Last night was the first time I was able to take a hot shower and it was glorious! Oh, one thing I like here is that all of the Elders are super nice and helpful! They always let the Hermanas eat first, offer to carry our bags, put our desks and chairs up, open our doors, ect...its great!
The third day we were here we taught our first "investigator." It was pretty disasterous but it was a great learning experience. We've taught him four times already and we're slowly improving. My spanish is pretty bad compared to the others in my district but it will come.
I don't have a lot of time but I love it here! We watched one of Elder Bednar's talks the other day and it was all about how man turns inward and God turns outward. I wish I could go into detail about it but just now it was a definite testimony builder!

Sorry about all of the errors in this email...I'm still trying to figure out how to use a mexican keyboard. LOL!
Love Hermana Soliz!
Hermana Webb and I on the airplane, headed for Mexico!
My first Sunday
My name tag really makes it official!


"Paco", the pancho was left behind by an hermana, and we are supposed to pass him on, lol!
Me, wearing Paco!

Look at the colorful houses, mine has the orange trim.

These are found all throughout the MTC and we are supposed to gather here in case of an earthquake.

Our appointment time to teach our investigator, Cristian.

Waking up from our rest time.

So much STUDYING!!!

Called to serve

Mexico MTC! AKA Best place on earth!

Our view!

Our classroom is the Brigham Young Building--perfect!
My companion!! Hermana Soliz and Herman Bown

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  1. Omg!!!!!! I love everything!!!!! So proud of you!!!!!!!! Keep us updated!!!!!